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J. Goodwille Pierre

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J. Goodwille Pierre, Esq. (“Goodwille”) is a National Expert in Diversity/Inclusion Management, and has over 16 years of experience in the Minority, Woman, Small and Disadvantage Business Enterprise (MWSDBE) consultation, diversity policy creation and program implementation. Goodwille is a licensed patent and trademark attorney and founder of The Pierre Firm PLLC. Goodwille is also founder of Goodwillle Pierre, LLC., a diversity and inclusion management, strategic communication, business development and government relations firm. He also currently serves as corporate counsel, inclusion management consultant and business development advisor to several Fortune 100 companies and to many small, minority and women business owners, law firms, and non-profit institutions.

Goodwille offers clients turnkey solutions for the implementation and management of diversity and/or goal orientated initiatives and provides corporate legal counsel, and compliance and intellectual property consultation.

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